We understand that choosing the right Microsoft Solutions Partner to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations for your organisation is a big decision.

Here is a list of helpful questions to ask your Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O implementation partner before making your choice and embarking on your ERP project.

Realistically, ERP projects span months, if not years, and it’s a period of change for your organisation, your people, and processes. That is why it is important that YOU and your chosen Microsoft Dynamics implementation partner find a mutual cultural fit. You want a partnership that’s fit for the long haul!

Walkerscott welcome the opportunity to answer all the of the below questions, do reach out.

10 important questions to ask your Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner

What experience does your team have with implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations?

As a customer, you’ll want to ensure that the partner has a strong track record with Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations.

Can you provide references from other Dynamics 365 F&O projects?

References can provide valuable insights into a partner’s capabilities and customer service.

What is your approach to Dynamics 365 Finance implementations?

Understanding a partner’s implementation methodology can help set expectations for the project.

How will you handle data migration for my Dynamics 365 F&O implementation project?

Data migration is a critical aspect of any ERP project, and a good partner should have a clear plan for handling it.

Can you customise Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations to fit our business needs?

While Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O is highly customisable, not all partners have the same capabilities in this area. Experienced Microsoft Dynamics partners will have a process for assessing customisations.

Do you provide Microsoft Dynamics 365 training for Finance & Operations?

Training is essential for user adoption, so it’s important to understand what a partner offers in this area.

How do you handle Dynamics Finance & Operations updates and upgrades?

Regular updates are part of the F&O service, and a good partner should have a plan for managing them.

What support services do you offer for Dynamics 365 F&O?

Ongoing support is critical for the success of any D365 project, so be sure to ask about a partner’s support offerings.

What is your pricing model for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O services?

Understanding a partner’s pricing model can help you budget for the project and avoid any surprises down the line.

Why should we choose you as our F&O partner?

This open-ended question can give a partner the opportunity to highlight their unique strengths and capabilities.