Upgrade from Navision to Business Central


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Pearl Coast Distributors is a leading food distributor based in Broome, Western Australia. They service an area that is one and half times the size of the state of Victoria.


Better inventory management, ability to handle random weights and an ecommerce store

Pearl Coast Distributors were facing challenges with their legacy system Navision (commonly known as NAV or NAV 2016) which was getting old, harder to maintain and was no longer supported. The system was clunky to use and had gaps in its functionality that made some processes difficult. Pearl Coast Distributors were looking for a better solution, which had the flexibility to add-on industry specific functionality.

The brief to Walkerscott included the need for better stock control, the ability to track random weight products, an integrated ecommerce solution and improved financial reporting.


Pearl Coast Distributors successful migration from Navision (on-premises) to Business Central (on the cloud)

Microsoft’s ERP platform Dynamics 365 Business Central was the best fit for the requirements set by Pearl Coast Distributors. Business Central was already being used by industry peers and partners, so there was some level of familiarity with the system. Business Central can scale with business growth and has the extensibility required to easily integrate with other apps and add-on the additional features Pearl Coast Distributors needed to optimise their business operations and boost sales.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central Logo

Business Central was paired with Walkerscott’s Klevr Keystone, Klevr Distribution and Food Services add-on for Dynamics 365.

The add-on enables the accurate tracking of stock and improves inventory management, with the ability to automatically calculate delivery/ transit times to Pearl Coast Distributors remote geographic location in Broome (often effecting stock availability by weeks).

Random weight product tracking is also made possible by our Klevr Distribution and Food Services application which integrates seamlessly with Business Central.

Pearl Coast Distributors online B2B ordering portal is powered by Turnkey eCommerce webstore from Commercebuild. The secure and responsive webstore solution makes it easier for customers to find products, order and accurately track the status of their orders, which provides a streamlined customer experience.


Business Central reduced human error in processing orders and streamlined inventory management

Since implementing Business Central, Pearl Coast Distributors has seen marked reduction in operational costs, through efficient processes, better tracking and more accurate data enabled by the new system.

Implementing the webstore solution from Commercebuild, integrated with Business Central, saw an almost immediate 15% increase in sales, just from customers simply being able to see Pearl Coast Distributors full inventory of products easily online.

Another economic benefit from the eCommerce webstore has been the ability for Pearl Coast Distributors to offer suppliers promotional opportunities within the online store, via strategically placed banner advertising spaces.

Stock control is now a breeze with accurate inventory management, including tracking random weight products. Customers are happier with their experience ordering and the business now has improved decision-making capabilities through enhanced data analytics and financial reporting.

“…we’ve got a better financial control of the business. Our bank is much happier with the way we’re doing business and the work we can present to the bank. So, it just makes every step of business so much easier…”

Ian Sinclair, Managing Director – Pearl Coast Distributors.

“…The advice that I would give to anybody looking to implement Business Central, do the homework and be prepared for the cutover. Because the more work you put into the cutover [implementation] process before it happens, the simpler and less chaotic [the implementation will be] and the less problems you’ll have at that point of cutover. Do the work beforehand, it will pay off…”

“…Choosing the right partner to help you implement any new technology into any business is critical. Walkerscott absolutely made a difference to us. The professionalism with which they dealt with issues, as they came up was great. Everything was documented so that everybody was involved…I would recommend Business Central to any body who runs any business…”

Ian Sinclair, Managing Director – Pearl Coast Distributors.