Food & Beverage Services

Food services industry solutions built on Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Business Applications platform.

Take advantage of digital sales channels

B2B and B2C ecommerce platforms fully integrated with your ERP to drive improved customer experience & self-service.

Empower field services to upsell / cross-sell

Optimise speed and visibility of past order SKU data on-screen, minimize keyboard entry enter large orders with many lines.

Enable random weights

Track items by one UOM but transact with customers or suppliers in another where the conversion between two UOMs is not standard (e.g. cheese wheels lamb shoulders)

Easily manage delivery runs

Optimized for food services, handle situations where normal delivery runs may be suspended and special runs apply (holidays etc).

Optimize sales and service management

Customizable workflows that trigger instant actions, maintain visibility of activities and drive processes across the sales & service functions.

Turnkey eCommerce webstore

Integrates directly with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP environment.

Empowering Restaurateurs, Hoteliers, and Cafe Owners to savor seamless ordering, shipments and account management.

  • Delivery Time Setting
    Select predefined delivery times
  • Quick Order Screen
    Find and add items swiftly without browsing
  • Standing/Recurring Orders
    Create recurring daily or weekly orders
  • Reorder Previous Orders
    Quickly reorder previous orders
  • View Order Status
    Check order status from a mobile device
  • Fractional Quantities
    Order fractional units for fruit and vegetables
  • Variable Unit of Measures
    Sell and price in various units (configurable)
  • Pantry Lists
    Manage and re-order from dynamic or set lists, fully integrated with Business Central
  • Order on Behalf of Customers
    Ability for sales reps to order on-behalf of customers
  • View Shipment Status
    Be notified about shipment and expected arrival
  • View Account Statement
    See and pay outstanding invoices
  • Mobile-Friendly
    All screens are mobile-friendly for quick ordering on the go
  • Customizable Cut-Off Times and Customer/Product Lead Time Calculation
    Allow order editing before pick-up and show lead-times for products with specific timings
  • Product Image Support
    Manage product images from BC or the eCommerce platform
  • Customer-Specific Pricing Support
    Display negotiated prices and invoice discounts
  • Supervisor User Management
    Allow chefs to create/manage users and approve orders
  • Manage Multiple Locations
    Administer multiple restaurant, bar, hotel locations from one user login
  • Advanced Categorization and Product Filtering
    Easily categorize and filter large catalogs with user-friendly tools

Supported Technologies

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