Membership Management Software for Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit & D365

Klevr Members is a membership management app designed specifically to work with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit and other Dynamics 365 Applications.

Revolutionise your membership management processes within the Microsoft ecosystem. Klevr Members allows you to manage your organisation’s memberships with efficiency and precision. Membership management software can transform operations and enhance member engagement.

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Klevr Members – Membership Management Software Key Features:

  • Integration with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit and D365: Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit and other Dynamics 365 Applications, allowing organizations to leverage the power of the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Enjoy features and functionality that complement O365 and D365 applications, ensuring a cohesive user experience.
  • Account + Contact Management: Effortlessly organize and maintain member data to ensure personalized communication and seamless interaction.
  • Basic Marketing Management: Upgradeable to full D365 Marketing, including Event Management capabilities to maximize outreach and engagement.
  • Plan and Entitlement Management: Easily manage membership plans and entitlements to cater to diverse member needs.
  • Application Management: Simplify the application process for new members and streamline membership approval workflows.
  • Assessment Management: Assess member progress or qualifications with ease, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Approval Management: Streamline approval processes to ensure swift and efficient handling of membership requests.
  • Renewal Management: Stay on top of membership renewals with automated reminders and hassle-free renewal processes.
  • Member Notifications: Keep members informed and engaged with timely notifications and updates.
  • Finance Management: Invoices and Payments.

Klevr Members includes membership management self-serve online portal functionality

Online Applications and Assessments

Provide a user-friendly platform for members to apply and undergo assessments conveniently.

Form/Survey Management

Collect valuable feedback and insights from members through customizable forms and surveys

Payment Gateway

Securely process membership fees and payments online for enhanced convenience.

Membership management software that integrates with familiar Office 365 applications

Microsoft Outlook

Seamlessly synchronize member communication and scheduling with Outlook integration.

Microsoft Office

Enhance productivity with easy access to member data and documents within Office applications.

Microsoft SharePoint

Collaborate effortlessly and securely share documents and resources through SharePoint integration.

Microsoft Power BI

Gain valuable insights into membership trends and analytics with Power BI integration.

Membership Management software that integrates with financial software like Dynamics 365 ERP systems – Finance and Operations (F&O) or Business Central (BC) & Xero

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Streamline financial processes and synchronise membership data with D365 F&O integration.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Streamline financial processes and synchronise membership data with Business Central integration.

Xero Integration

Simplify accounting tasks and ensure accurate financial reporting with Xero integration.

Integrate with other platforms by request

Tailor Klevr Members to your organisation’s specific needs with customisable integration options.

Streamline and automate your membership management with tailored workflows


Acquire marketing lists, launch campaigns, manage D365 Marketing/Events, and facilitate interactions through the portal.


Allow members to apply online using a user-friendly application, create custom forms with a form builder, and seamlessly integrate payment processing.


Enable both internal and external assessors to evaluate members, manage conflicts of interest, and gather supplementary information as needed.


Streamline approval processes by sending applications for review, involving individuals or groups in multi-stage approvals.


Automate or manually handle membership renewals, whether on an anniversary or annual basis, with flexible terms to accommodate various membership structures.