Klevr Portals

Why Klevr Portals?

Klevr Portals are specifically designed and deeply integrated to engage with external customers and partners, accelerating transformation initiatives using Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Power BI Platform

Rapid & Easy

Implementation and training can be completed in days not months. Easy licensing model: a simple monthly fee regardless of usage.

Power Apps Development


Customize every aspect of your Klevr Portal using C# and any JavaScript, CSS or HTML framework.

MS Automated Workflow Service


Host your Klevr Portal on Azure PaaS, in the Cloud, On-Premise, or with a 3rd Party Provider. We even provide a SaaS hosting solution supported by Umbraco.

MS Automated Workflow Service

Cost Certainty

Klevr Portal provides you with cost certainty, with no additional charges for logins or page views. This will help you budget and manage margins in your business, while allowing you to freely promote your portal and push for user adoption!

Portal Highlights

Data Visualization with Power BI
  • Built on top of the leading open-source .NET content management system (CMS), Umbraco, which gives you the ability to easily and completely implement a custom theme that matches your brand.
  • No data synchronization with D365 (Dataverse), Klevr Portals integrate in real-time using the Dataverse SDK.
  • Predominately configured without code, allowing functional consultants and/or client users to build and maintain Klevr Portals without needing to engage a developer.
  • If customisation is required, it can be made at all layers i.e. Front end, Server side (web) and Backend (D365)
  • Robust security model allowing you to manage sophisticated roles, groups, permissions, and data filtering via configuration.
  • Out of the box user management based on D365 Contacts, allowing your users to administer (invite, disable, security roles etc.) from the comfort of the D365 interface.
  • Includes a dynamic form builder (like MS Forms, Customer Voice, Survey Monkey etc.) that allows your users to author forms from the D365 interface, which are then automatically rendered in the portal. Forms can have sections, questions, validation rules, branching logic and many types of responses such as text, numbers, dates, currency, files etc.
  • Fully responsive (desktop, tablet, phone) out of the box.
  • Out of the box configurable branding with logo, primary colour, and content (images/text).
  • WCAG compliant.
  • Azure AD integration (B2B, B2C).
Data Visualization with Power BI

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