Klevr Integration Hub

What is Klevr Integration Hub?

Klevr Integration Hub is a completely cloud-based service based on Microsoft’s Integration best practices and our experience implementing hundreds of business-critical integrations.

Microsoft Power BI Platform


Suits clients with low volume, two-system integration requirements, through to high-volume, multi-system, enterprise level integration needs.

Power Apps Development

Rapid Development

Provides support for common integration endpoint types out-of-the-box to allow rapid and inexpensive development.

MS Automated Workflow Service


Automates the build and deployment of native Azure services (via Azure DevOps) so there is no operational lock-in to a proprietary integration technology framework.

MS Automated Workflow Service

Hosting Options

Can be hosted by the Walkerscott as a managed service or the client in their Azure tenancy.

Solution Components


Klevr Integration Hub Process

We find clients can reduce their integration build time/costs by up to 75% compared with developing integration “by hand” using Azure iPaaS services

Data Visualization with Power BI
  • All integrations are composed of small “workflow definitions” which are joined via a pub/sub model.
    • Inbound workflows;
    • Transform workflows;
    • Routing workflows;
    • Outbound workflows.
  • These workflows are easily joined together to make complex integration requirements quick and easy to build.
  • What’s more, workflows are not “hand written” – every workflow type has a small, simple to use workflow definition file.
  • So, to create an integration we:
    • Define the overall integration (inbound workflow, any transform and routing required, and the outbound workflow).
    • Create the small definition files needed – anywhere from two to a dozen or so (for really, really complex integrations).
    • Commit the definition files to Azure DevOps.
  • And that’s it! The Klevr Integration Hub deployment system deploys everything needed – the infrastructure and the integration, ready to go.
Data Visualization with Power BI

Solution Overview

Klevr Integration Hub enforces the implementation of integration best practices and automates the build and deployment of native Azure services (via Azure DevOps) so there is no operational lock-in to a proprietary integration technology framework.

The native Azure services that are automatically built and deployed include, but are not limited to:

General Benefits

Best Practice

Integration best practices incorporated through common patterns, libraries and templates

Solid Development Roadmap

Microsoft continual investment in Azure iPaaS services

Automated Deployments

Fully automated deployments (infrastructure and integration code) via Azure DevOps

Choice of connectors

Access to hundreds of OOTB Azure Logic App connectors, for example:

    • Dataverse, Business Central, Salesforce
    • Azure Services
    • SQL Server, Datalake
    • S/FTP, Blob, Email
    • AWS S3

Diverse workflow support

Transformations, routing

Persistent data storage

Caching, lookups, transforms etc.

PGP encryption/decryption

Loosely Coupled Integrations

Integrations are loosely coupled, which means:

    • they are resilient to change/outages and volume overload
    • systems don’t need to be aware of each other

Integration Management Dashboard

Extensive management dashboard and robust alerting to rapidly surface integration issues

Distributed Message Tracing

Message De-duplication

Large File Support

e.g. splitting, merging

Payload Splitting

Payload splitting to increase parallelism + token based locking to reduce parallelism

API Controls

API rate limiting, throttling, whitelisting, fixed IP options

Secure API

API Auth support for HTTP Basic, OAuth2, and Custom

Developer Friendly

Option for a developer portal with API documentation and self service API token management

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