Klevr Solution Overview

Advancing business with clever products

Klevr Apps are designed to accelerate business transformation initiatives using Dynamics 365 and Azure. They solve real problems for our customers and their industries, with a rapid start and ROI.

Microsoft Power BI Platform


Out of the box applications for the most common workflows.

Power Apps Development


Implementation and training can be completed in days not months.

MS Automated Workflow Service


Fully extendable with quick and cost-effective custom workflows and business rules.

MS Automated Workflow Service


Built on the same platform as Dynamics 365 Enterprise Applications.

Klevr CE

Customer Engagement

Streamline and simplify the way you manage all internal and external interactions using the Dynamics 365 Power Platform. Klevr Apps are designed to solve common industry problems, so you can implement, get trained and using them rapidly.

They are tightly integrated with other familiar Microsoft applications such as Business Central, Office 365, Sharepoint and Power BI.

Klevr Grants

Designed to streamline and simplify the way in which grant seekers and makers manage the grant lifecycle.


  • Applications
  • Assessments
  • Contract Management
  • Self-Service Klevr Portal
  • Integration with Business Central

Klevr Portals

No/Low code portal solution to engage with external partners, accelerating digital transformation initiatives using Dynamics 365.


  • Rapid implementation
  • Full CMS Support
  • Survey Management
  • Cost Certainty
  • Works with any D365 cloud environment (not just Klevr)

Klevr Contracts

Intelligent contract and document lifecycle management with integration to your financials.


  • Budgets
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Performance Management
  • Integration with Business Central
  • Support for property industry

Klevr BC

Business Central

Klevr Apps optimise your Business Central environment so that you can operate more effectively and efficiently. They are designed to enhance the standard functionality and solve common challenges for Australian and New Zealand based businesses.

Klevr Keystone

Enhances the standard Business Central banking and document functionality for Australian and New Zealand businesses.


  • Banking and cash optimisations
  • Pre-configured bank file formats
  • Direct Debits
  • B/RCTI process
  • Advanced approval management
  • Automated document sending
  • Standard business document layouts

Klevr Distribution

An expansive suite of modules to support sophisticated distribution businesses.


  • Delivery Runs including standard and holiday calendars
  • Random Weight
  • Order Templates & Pantry Lists
  • Sales and Purchase Business Rule configurator
  • Comprehensive WMS Integration for all inventory transactions, pre-integrated with dotWMS


Robust e-commerce solution fully optimized for Business Central.


  • B2B and B2C support
  • Order Templates & Pantry Lists
  • Realtime inventory
  • Customer special pricing
  • Order for multiple locations from a single login

Klevr IH

Integration Hub

Completely cloud-based service based on Microsoft’s Integration Services best practices and our experience implementing hundreds of business-critical integrations.

Suits clients with low volume, two-system integration requirements, all the way through to customers with high-volume, multi-system, enterprise level integration needs.


Integration best practices are incorporated through common patterns, libraries and templates, which are then deployed as standard Microsoft Azure services.


  • Enables rapid and inexpensive integration deployments
  • Access to hundreds of Microsoft Connectors
  • Robust monitoring and alerting
  • Fully automated deployments of infrastructure and business logic

IH Platform

Delivered as a fully managed service by Walkerscott. This is the most cost effective and rapid way to get started experiencing the benefits of Integration Hub.


  • Hosted by Walkerscott
  • Provided in packs of 20 integrations
  • Deployed in days not months
  • Includes Platform support

IH Enterprise

For clients with more sophisticated needs, Integration Hub can be deployed into your own Azure environment, where it can be managed alongside all your other cloud services.


  • Hosted in your Azure tenant
  • Includes unlimited integrations
  • Deployed in weeks not months
  • Managed service option for all support
  • Update cycle controlled by you


Klevr Apps are built by the exceptional team at Walkerscott.

Walkerscott are Experts in Microsoft Business Applications with specialties in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Application Modernisation.


“The whole strength of the solution is the Common Data Service and interrelatedness of the data.”

Klevr Grants, BC and Portal Customer

“We picked Klevr Apps (in a competitive tender process) as you didn’t just present a shiny PowerPoint. You were clearly able to demonstrate ‘how’ you would solve our particular problems.”

Klevr Grants, BC and Portal Customer

“The business users are blown away how much was done so quickly…3x SI integrators and an in-house resource over the last 2 years vs Klevr Integration Hub and Walkerscott over a few weeks. I know who I want in my corner.”

Klevr Integration Hub Enterprise Customer

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Walkerscott are Experts in Microsoft Business Applications with specialties in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Application Modernisation. Get in touch with us to help you find the best solution for your business needs. Talk to a Clever expert.

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