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Grants Management Solution on the Dynamics 365 Platform

Streamline and evolve your approach to grant management with Walkerscott’s Klevr Grants for Dynamics 365.

Streamline and simplify the way you manage and administer grants.

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, Klevr Grants has been designed to streamline and simplify the way in which your organisation manages and administers grants.

Microsoft Power BI Platform


Reduces the time and cost associated with the complex process of grant administration and management.

Power Apps Development


Simplifies your business with a complete all-in-one solution built for the Grant Management Lifecycle.

MS Automated Workflow Service


Easily build on the core functionality to meet unique requirements of your processes.

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“The whole strength of the solution is the Common Data Service and interrelatedness of the data.”

Data Visualization with Power BI

One Single Solution

  • Designed for the specific requirements of managing the Grant Application Lifecycle from application to outcome assessment.
  • Web portal allowing self service for applicants.
  • Transparency of the process for all parties.
  • Realtime application updates for all parties.
  • Supports Programme and Fund Management for comprehensive portfolio based reporting.
  • CRM functionality to store and track all interactions with your contacts.
  • Supports the grant accounting processes associated with the grant lifecycle.

Data to Drive Process

  • Customisable workflows to support the process.
  • Open accessible data to enable real time reporting.
  • Easily integrated with your other business applications.
  • Auditable and secure to meet regulatory and compliance guidelines.
  • Leverages Microsoft’s Common Data Service empowering you with over 200+ connectors.
Data Visualization with Power BI
Data Visualization with Power BI

Enabled for your Microsoft Environment

  • Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Native Microsoft Outlook integration.
  • Built-in industry leading document management with Microsoft SharePoint providing a robust mechanism for document control and versioning.
  • Utilise Power BI to empower users and management with key information visualised when it matters throughout the application lifecycle.
  • Single Sign On/Off with your existing Active Director environment and policies.

Advancing Nonprofits with clever products

Walkerscott leverages Klevr Grants to extend Microsoft’s Cloud to deliver an end-to-end solution for the Nonprofit industry.

Microsoft Cloud for NonProfit

Out of the box

Constituent Management
Attract, retain, and grow donor and supporter bases

Donation & Award Management
Fund accounting, payments and designation management to support fundraising efficiency

Volunteer Management
Enable volunteer coordinator and volunteers to collaborate and match skills with needs

Program Delivery
Design, deliver and measure programs that maximize mission delivery

Unified Data
Unify fundraising, program, finance, operations, and disparate data across the back-office and frontline

Constituent Analytics
Understand which supporters and constituents are most likely to engage through which channels and at the optimal times

Personalized Engagement
Connect through compelling content via the most proven channels

Protect Your Organisation
Protect your organisation with security offerings that assess risk, provide monitoring, notification and training

Walkerscott NonProfit Solutions

Grant/Fund Making

Announce New Funds
Grant preparation, Announce new grant opportunities

Application & Assessment
Multiple application rounds, Internal and External assessments

Award Contract
Negotiate contract terms & conditions, Full contract management module

Monitor Outcomes
Setup and monitor financial and performance management

Grant/Fund Seeking

Report on Outcomes
Setup and monitor financial and performance management

Receive Contract
Negotiate contract terms & conditions, Full contract management module

Secure Funds
Bid management, Single and recurring

Identify Funding Opportunities
Contestable Funds, Allocations, Pledges and Donations

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