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Leverage Walkerscott’s partnerships with trusted software vendors

Microsoft’s AppSource directory contains 3rd-party applications and plug-ins that can be integrated with the Core Business Central application to extend functionality. Walkerscott has developed key relationships with the most trusted vendors and can also extend Business Central functionality with our own custom plug-ins to deliver a complete solution for your business.

Walkerscott’s Food Services extension for Business Central

Pantry List

  • Support for a fixed and/or dynamically updated “SO Template” (sales order) based on sales history
  • Optimise keyboard entry & minimise the use of the mouse as well as reduce the number of keystrokes required to enter large orders with many lines into BC. Optimize speed and visibility of data on-screen

Random Weight

  • Ability to track items by one UOM but transact with customers or suppliers in another UOM where the conversion between the two UOMs is not standard (e.g. cheese wheels or lamb shoulder vs kg).
  • Create Random Weight Items, and transact by tracking quantities in both UOMs
  • Retain & be able to retrieve corresponding quantities in both UOMs for reporting & other business needs

Delivery Runs

  • Create multiple Delivery Runs in BC, and create & allocate Delivery Runs to specific Delivery Calendars
  • Associate one or more Delivery Runs to Customers or Customer’s Ship-to address & vice versa
  • Handle suspensions and special runs
  • Enquire by listing and/or exporting SO Lines using Delivery Run and Delivery Run Groups.
  • Print a manifest based on Delivery Run from the system

Comprehensive inventory integration to leverage digital and offline channels

Sana eCommerce

  • Leading B2B eCommerce add-on
  • eCommerce Portal for B2B businesses (can do B2C but other solutions exist)
  • Realtime inventory & pricing integration
  • In-built integration with Dynamics 365
  • Order templates

TinX IT B2C Connectors

  • B2C ecommerce pre-built connectors for integrating existing websites to BC
  • Support for – Shopify, Magento, Amazon, WooCommerce, CloudSuite
  • Coming soon – BigCommerce, Shopware, Bol.com


  • Leading EDI gateway globally with fully integrated solutions spanning 3PL, retailers and distributors
  • Setup and Per Transaction Fee
  • In-built integration with Dynamics 365

dotWMS – Integrated Warehouse Management (WMS) and Transport Management (TMS)


  • Cloud based Warehouse management
  • Putaway, Pick and Pack
  • Full RF warehouse
  • Voice Picking
  • Random Weight
  • Carrier / GS1 compliant labels
  • ASN integration
  • Cycle counting


  • Included with dotWMS
  • Transportation management
  • Route optimisation
  • Sign on Glass
  • Customer Portal
  • Vehicle telemetry & alerting (Visiontrak)
  • Safety management

Solver – Consolidated reporting and budgeting for finance teams

Automated consolidation

  • Streamline complex multi-company, multi-source systems financial reporting
  • Ability to define and manage custom reporting hierarchies or trees easily
  • Built-in financial rules for currency conversion and eliminations

Financial Reporting

  • Simple to get started with in-built financial statement reports
  • Easy to use financial report writer that can be further extended through Power BI
  • Out-of-the-box integrations
  • Maintain a ‘single version of truth’ with an in-built data warehouse backend

Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Replace Excel budgeting models
  • Easily set up input forms and workflows to manage the budgeting process
  • Easily extend with other financial and operational data for driver-based forecasting

Continia – Higher productivity and automation for finance teams

Document Capture

  • Automated data capture from PDFs
  • Invoice processing and management with approval workflows in Business Central, automated vendor detection, documents overview, inbound registration and more
  • Easily searchable digital archive of all captured documents
  • Process PEPPOL and other XML-based vendor e-invoices

Expense Management

  • Android and iOS mobile app for submitting receipts on the go – recorded as line entries in BC
  • Automatic credit card reconciliation
  • Mileage allowance payments, Per diem reimbursements etc.
  • Approvals & settlement process in BC
  • Web Approval Portal – Approve purchase invoices, sales orders or travel expenses without using the Business Central client

Document Output

  • More than 20 predefined email templates ready to use within BC, and ability to design your own
  • Standard templates include – Account Statement, Delivery Note, Credit Memo, Reminder, Finance Charge Memo, Sales Invoice, Quote, Order Confirmation, Purchase Order, Tracking
  • Fact boxes for a clear overview of your reports and email activity
  • Transparent document workflow – email vs paper form, process all or selected documents, etc.

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