Dynamics 365 Sales vs Marketing, what is the difference?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing are both part of the same Dynamics suite and share the same primary goal: to drive sales and revenue growth.

They also share a single database and user interface. However, they serve different department’s core responsibilities and have some overlapping functionality. Let’s compare the key differences between Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing (now called Dynamics 365 Customer Insights).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing (or Dynamics 365 Customer Insights) Comparison Table

Dynamics 365 Sales
Dynamics 365 Marketing
What is it?
Dynamics 365 SalesSales pipeline automation platform
Dynamics 365 MarketingAll-in-one strategic integrated marketing and communication management platform
Core focus
Dynamics 365 SalesFocuses on individual sales and helps in tracking sales activities
Dynamics 365 MarketingFocuses on demand generation, and helps in tracking marketing activities
What is it used for?
Dynamics 365 SalesUsed for managing sales processes and primarily designed to support sales teams
Dynamics 365 MarketingUsed for managing marketing processes and primarily designed to support marketing teams
Dynamics 365 SalesBuilding, working, tracking, and reporting on sales pipeline
Dynamics 365 MarketingAutomates, maps, and tracks the customer journey across the organisation
What can it do?
Dynamics 365 SalesHelps manage and analyse customer interactions and data, and ensures consistent quality with sales playbooks
Dynamics 365 MarketingHelps in planning, executing, and analysing marketing campaigns; tracking activities and initiatives to actual revenue
Communications features
Dynamics 365 SalesOutlook integration allows for mail-merge functionality and sending via Exchange server without branch logic
Dynamics 365 MarketingNative email templating and marketing automation functionality to leads and contacts with branch logic
Dynamics 365 SalesIncludes sales sequences, AI-based sales forecasting, conversational intelligence, LinkedIn Navigator integration and more
Dynamics 365 MarketingIncludes full-scale event management with in-built Teams webinar integration, customer surveys, customer data platform and more
Pricing model
Dynamics 365 SalesPriced per user
Dynamics 365 MarketingPriced per tenant