With the proliferation of analytics platforms and tools (on Azure and off), organisations looking to modernize their BI workloads are unsure about how to proceed. Walkerscott ran a few webinars earlier this year where we shared our view of moving Business Intelligence workloads to Azure.

We presented pragmatic approaches and architectures to move to the cloud and broke it down to the atomic technical and commercial decisions as well as trade-offs involved. We analysed common terminology (ELT vs ETL), busted myths (I need a Data Lake / Azure SQL Warehouse to do BI on the cloud) and explored Azure data tooling, including but not limited to:

  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Analysis Services
  • Azure Data Lake, Synapse, Databricks and more
  • and of course, Power BI!

Download the presentation by clicking here – get to the end to find tons of information around Power BI Premium goodness that takes the decision beyond simply licensing considerations as well. You can also view the webinar here:

If you’re keen to discuss your move to Azure, reach out – BI is one of the most risk-free and straightforward workloads to get started on your cloud journey.