Make your transition with MYOB Advanced easy by using powerful tools to help your business grow!

Do you spend a lot of time calling your customers one by one to follow up on orders that they haven’t placed? Would you like an easier process that saves you time and money? At Walkerscott we are always finding ways to Make Clever Happen!

How did we do this?

As part of our standard integration approach with MYOB Advanced, we were able to create a proof of concept solution for a prospect that will enable them to remind their customers to place orders on a custom schedule.  We successfully created, tested and deployed the Azure Logic App, integrated with MYOB Advanced, Twilio for SMS and Office365 for email notifications in approximately 2-3 hours.

We created a Generic Inquiry (‘GI’ – this is the equivalent of a database view) in MYOB Advanced and exposed the endpoint via OData, which made the results available to external systems and anyone authorised to view it.

Then in Azure, we created a Logic App – which is a great tool for orchestrating workflows, particularly for integration scenarios. Logic Apps and primarily made up of ‘Triggers’ (when to do something) and ‘Actions’ (what to do). For our proof of concept, we set the trigger to be time-based as it was simple and got the workflow rolling. Our next step was to create an Action to read the OData URL exposing the MYOB Advanced Generic Inquiry, we also created an Action to save the results of the GI into Azure blob storage so we could easily see the results. Azure blob storage is like a file explorer in the cloud.

We needed to provide the Logic App a way to understand the data that it is reading, this was done by providing an example of the data provided by the GI, and the Logic App automatically does the mapping. We are now in a position to do something with the data and can action it.

We used the contact module for this proof of concept as easily provided the contact name, email address and phone number; along with do not call settings. We configured the Logic App to send a personalised SMS (via Twilio) and email (via Office365) to each contact reminding them to place their order for the next day.

We created this proof of concept for one of our prospects in the food services industry where they currently manually SMS or call their list of customers that haven’t placed orders every day to ensure they get their orders in for delivery. This Logic App solution will save time on administration, save costs as SMS’s will only be sent to customers that haven’t placed an order and increase customer service as it will be personalised for each recipient.

We plan on adding a further enhancement to write back the SMS to the activity log in MYOB Advanced so the business user can see exactly who was contacted when within their CRM system, once again saving time and providing better service.

Benefits of an Integrated Solution

  • Save time on manually calling, SMSing or emailing
  • Save costs by only contacting the required customers
  • Increase customer service and loyalty by personalising messages
  • Don’t forget to contact customers and miss out on orders, as the system will automatically do it
  • Free staff up to focus on higher value activities

If you would like to know more about this standard integration approach with MYOB Advanced you can call us on Australia: 1300 490 795 New Zealand: 0800 111 728
Or email and one of our consultants will be in touch.