What is the impact of Donald Trump’s election on immigration inquiries in New Zealand from the US?

With the WalkerScott BI team containing many ‘expats’ from a diverse range of countries, we were wondering whether the rise of Donald Trump would lead to a few American refugees joining our team. Eszter, one of our expats from Hungary, got the job and quickly went about analysing the data to reach an intelligence-led conclusion.

Having produced Workhere.co.nz, a leading offshore talent attraction platform for one of New Zealand’s top recruitment marketing agencies, we decided to analyse the correlation between political events in the US and website activity. The first page of our Power BI analysis shows the correlation between Donald Trump’s journey to presidency and hits on the Workhere website from the United States.

Eszter decided that the language Trump uses is so unconventional that it might be worth analysing this and comparing it to Hillary’s very politically correct approach. The second page shows the most frequently used words in Donald Trump’s Facebook posts against those most frequently used by Hillary Clinton.

The final touch was a voter profile, showing the demographic make-up of those who voted for Trump versus those who voted for Hillary Clinton. Considering all the coverage that has been dedicated to the popular vote and the electoral college, Eszter decided to include a short video on this third page, to explain the electoral college vote.

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