We’ve partnered with Wellington-based startup Eight Wire: here’s what it means for the future of data integration.

We’re delighted to announce that Walkerscott has partnered with Wellington-based software company Eight Wire. Eight Wire have developed software which makes it easy to transfer information between data stores such as folders, databases, and the cloud. Traditionally, moving data has been a headache. It generally requires a business intelligence expert to spend some serious time designing how the process will work. Hardware often needs to be purchased. Then, once the data is flowing, any irregularities in it (eg incorrectly formatted date) can crash the transfer, and require manual correction.

Like us, the masterminds behind Eight Wire – Jason Gleason and Nigel Thomas – knew these challenges all too well, both having worked as business intelligence experts for 10 years.

“Both Nigel and I had spent 10 years trying to make systems talk to each other” said Gleason. “The technology everyone uses is old and clunky – like listening to music on a cassette tape.”

The better way is called Conductor, a cloud-based data integration tool that simplifies and speeds up data integration. A small installable agent is easily downloaded to each end of the pipe: where the data is and where you want it to go. These pieces of software manage the pipeline between data stores, you simply turn on the tap to get the data flowing.

Because it avoids the need for configuration and hardware, Conductor can save a huge amount of time and money for our clients. Better still, Conductor can be easily set to filter out – and even automatically correct – irregularities in the data set.

Finally, the really great part about Eight Wire’s software is that it is super easy to set up a proof of concept trial – companies with massive, hugely valuable data sets can test Conductor in a safe environment before using it to move their information.

If the old way of moving data is analogous to using a cassette tape, then Conductor is Spotify.

We believe this innovative software is going to be a game-changer in our industry. This is why we’ve formed a very close working relationship with Eight Wire, who spent six months working from our offices in Wellington.

We are already using Conductor to move information – and save time and money – for some of our key clients. From the results we are already seeing Eight Wire and Conductor is about to electrify the world of information systems.