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Workhere is a New Zealand company that connects highly skilled talent from around the globe to top New Zealand-based companies with jobs in demand. When the company was starting up in 2013 the co-founders – Jonny and Damian – approached Walkerscott with the idea of creating a technology platform to achieve their dream.

It was clear they were looking for a combination of technology guidance and leadership, excellent development skills and of course a cost-effective solution for their start-up’s finite funds. They also wanted a long-term, ongoing technology partner, not just a development house to build them something and then move onto the next project.

Problem: The non-tech founders of a new tech start-up needed development advice and an ongoing partnership for the future.

Walkerscott provides technology leadership, development, and support. Workhere was a unique opportunity for Walkerscott to be involved with a project from the very early stages, without any existing technology constraints. This allowed us to work with Jonny and Damian as part of the start-up team to guide them on the best technology strategies from the get-go.

Once the company’s tech strategies were well defined, we created a minimum viable product (MVP) to achieve the goal of connecting global talent with New Zealand companies. We brought that back to Johnny and Damian and then iterated on in an agile way until we had a platform that was ready to take to the market.

Solution:  Walkerscott as their technology partner

Workhere was launched only six months after the concept was approved and deployed in a cloud-hosted environment with Rackspace for infrastructure (server, database, DNS, load balancing) and Incapsula for its global CDN and web application firewall capabilities.

Since launching, numerous integrations have been completed with external job boards, a video interview platform – HireVue, a candidate management system, and deep analytics integration with Google Analytics and Piwik Analytics.

Workhere thrives with technology in good hands. Walkerscott, have been on board since day one, helping build the business from the ground up.

Outcome: Workhere founders continue to build their business with Walkerscott.

Jonny and Damian are continuing to develop their business while entrusting the responsibility of the technology side to Walkerscott. to continue to provide technology strategy to the Workhere team, along with ongoing development and platform support.

The results speak for themselves. Workhere is a thriving business with enviable metrics including:

  • More than 60,000 unique visitors per month
  • 20,000+ candidates signed up from more than 50 countries
  • Employees successfully placed for New Zealand companies
  • Industry and government partnerships such as Immigration New Zealand, Tourism New Zealand, Education New Zealand and The Kiwi Expat Association (KEA)
  • Leading New Zealand businesses benefiting from Workhere including Kiwibank, Vodafone, Xero and Fletchers


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