Are you grappling with grant management software that’s causing you grief? It might be time for an upgrade.

In this post, we’ll explore some key indicators that may signal it’s time to improve or upgrade your grant management software.

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1. Paper-Intensive Processes

Still drowning in paper-based grant management? It’s time to move towards a paperless solution for better document tracking, data accessibility, and sustainability.

2. Email Submitted Grant Applications

Your current Grant Management System is so unworkable, that most of the time, you and your team end up accepting Grant Applications via email. This Band-Aid solution is good, until it’s not.

Email inboxes can get full, applications can go to spam, access to shared inbox can be tricky for your team and firewalls can completely block some emails from even coming through at all. Not to mention responding, tracking progress, reporting, and organising your applications is an administration nightmare. It’s 2024, time to move to a better way of doing things.

3. Limited Media Attachments

Is your software restricting applicants from uploading various media files like audio clips, photos, videos, PDFs, and Word documents? The Grant process often requires a diverse range of attachments to be uploaded by applicants, with the ability for your team to download or easily review these attachments. A system that can handle this with ease will make everyone a lot happier.

4. Receiving Complaints About Mid Application Work Loss

There is nothing worse than losing work due to a software glitch. Don’t let frustrated users leave, before they’ve even begun. A user-friendly system should allow applicants to save progress on the application forms and return at their convenience.

5. Complex Back-End

A streamlined process isn’t just for applicants. Your staff and panellists should easily manage common tasks like customising applications, using templates, leaving comments, and reviewing applications without constant technical support or having to reach out to IT.

6. Lack of Support

Struggling with software issues without adequate support? This can decrease productivity, slow down processes, and hamper your organisation’s capacity. Seek software with easily accessible, robust support tools and dedicated teams.

7. Manual Tasks and Bottlenecks

Is your organisation bogged down by manual, repetitive tasks? A grant management system should automate tasks, improve communication, reduce paperwork, ensure better compliance and security, and centralise operations. Remember it is easy to see the price tag of a new Grant Management System, we often overlook the huge cost associated with staff time wasted due to inefficient process and tools. This effect is multiplied if you have a larger team.

8. Poor Integration

Is your software incompatible with other tools and systems used by your organisation? Don’t get caught in the trap of having a whizz bang system, only to find that you have to export and/or import data, which ties you to unnecessary manual processes. Integrations save time, reduce instances of human error and are generally more secure than manual handling of data.

9. Slow Performance

Feel like you are working at a snail’s pace? Frequent software crashes or slow loading can hinder efficiency. If updates and maintenance can’t resolve these issues, invest in software with dedicated support and seamless updates.

10. Additional User Costs

Yes, we know sharing one login is common, but it comes with its own issues like login authentication challenges, account recovery when staff leave and tracking which team member made what changes is impossible.

We know paying extra for additional users is a pain, especially if your team size changes from time to time. Look for grant management software that offers flexibility for adding / removing users when required, so you can involve team members as needed.

11. Compliance Concerns

Choose software that has been designed with compliance in mind. Functionality like audit trails will help you meet your obligations.

So, is it time to upgrade your Grant Management Software?

In conclusion, if you identify with any of these warning signs, it’s time to consider upgrading your grant management software this year. A robust solution can streamline administration, improve workflows, and enhance your organisation’s impact. To explore how our solution can solve your challenges, request a demo of Klevr Grants today.

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